Posted: AUGUST 9, 2016

I guess I am a clear example of how the age of information and social networks can turn one’s life around overnight.

One year ago, I was a stay at home mom; Big dreams, zero income. My father and I developed the DAFNI brush for three years and met so many people, all skeptic to how a random name like DAFNI could sell a product, no matter how revolutionary.

As persistent and a little crazy as we are, we made our first sell exactly one year ago.

A month later, I uploaded a demo video, went to sleep and when I woke I found out that we had been receiving an email every minute, from everywhere in the world. We barely sold a few hundred units and had no idea how all these people found out about us. Seeing that video, a video I’ve made with my then 3 months old daughter next to me waiting patiently (not really :), my makeup done in 3 seconds, 9 million views, 3 hours after being posted by the Texas Country Official Radio station, is probably something I will never be able to recreate. I felt like I had just received a huge hug from the world, and a whisper in my ear “It is not a crazy idea at all! we get it”, it was one of those pure harmonic moments that everything comes together. People watched it because they wanted to… By the time I was interviewed by their radio station, the video reached 11.6 million views and our website crashed. The video ended up reaching 120 million views. In the ten following months, DAFNI was launched in 15 countries, and the best is yet to come.

Frankly, I don’t think it would have gotten so many views if I were a super model and invested $100,000 on setting, staff and retouch. In the age of information, people don’t seek perfection, they seek connection, a story that inspires them, something they can relate to.

In a world of corporates, we all love using the word “disrupt”. To me, disrupt means create something genuine, different, personal and own it.

Never blink, never go back, always know your worth.

You won’t believe how many corporates compromise on quality and make misleading claims just to be part of the trend. I have learned that creating a viable product is not trivial, walking the extra mile, is not trivial. Many can make money, yet very few work passionately to bring value.

If I could talk to my 24-year-old self, who so many people called sweetheart and implied that I may be out of my league I’d say, no man is a prophet, no one owns the future, be polite, say thank you and ask someone else. Always remember people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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Empowering Women


Empowering Women Globally

  • Scholarship Program - To empower young women globally to go after their dreams and realize there is nothing they can’t do. Scholarship offered to young women entering college engineering programs.
  • Susan G. Komen - To provide hope to women. Raise money and participate in Susan G. Komen events to help build awareness and one day find a cure.
  • Suits for Success - To provide courage/self-esteem to women. Provide used business suits for under privileged /abused women looking for employment.